The Intersection of Bitcoin and Virtual Worlds

In 2007 I was introduced to the Second Life virtual world while working at EON Reality Inc., a company that specializes in fully immersive Virtual Reality and 3D Stereoscopic turnkey solutions. One of my clients was a sponsor of the Corporate Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. I was asked to create a custom Virtual Reality experience using million dollar tech systems. It was then that I turned to virtual worlds to build the prototype in 3D for technical, audio/visual and design visualization. Once that was completed, I was able to import some of the 3D designs created for the virtual world into a Virtual Reality CAVE, for a fly-through at full scale.

For the next seven years I continued using virtual worlds to work on other projects such as: live music concerts, live theater, Mixed-Reality, business presentations, and an Art exhibition. This has required the collaboration of an international virtual production team, developers, builders, programmers, lighting and sound designers, artists, stage managers, production managers, teachers, marketing and public relations specialists. To compensate their time and work, digital currency was used and was the preferred method of payment for Avatars (many of whom wished to maintain anonymity from their real life personas).

In addition to services and labor, digital currency has been extensively used to purchase virtual products ranging from audio/visual equipment, particle shows and concert staging, to costume/fashion designs and dance choreography scripts.

With a growing community and increase in computing power, there has been a significant rise in the number of virtual worlds and viewers that can handle access to multiple grids. Previous research and development made it possible for some Avatars to teleport from one virtual world to another.

There is also a shift towards the disruption of the Entertainment industry that launched with the popularity of Virtual Reality at CES2015. To meet the demand for content creation in this space, crowdsourcing in virtual worlds will become the standard practice and incorporate “up-and-coming” Art-Scientists. With L.A. and Silicon Beach having a symbiotic relationship and impacting Entertainment Technology, there is a demand and market for Bitcoin as a primary tool for doing business in the Metaverse.

* Note: this article was written by Patty Rangel and initially featured by the Digital Currency Council for ‪#‎BitcoinWomensDay‬

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