Suds & Science: An Evening of Thinking and Drinking

San Diego, Calif., April 12, 2016 — Join special guests from the UC San Diego Qualcomm Institute and the ArtPower Filmatic Festival on Monday, April 18 for a Suds & Science event to discover how scientists are advancing research through the medium of virtual reality.

The event, which takes place at Turquoise Cellars in Pacific Beach, begins at 6:30 p.m. with short presentations by each speaker, followed by a moderated discussion with Q&A from the audience. Following the talk, enjoy opportunities to try out a few virtual reality experiences provided by the UCSD Virtual Reality Club.

The speakers are:

*Benjamon Bratton: Filmatic Panel Moderator and Associate Professor of Visual Art and Director of The Center for Design and Geopolitics at the University of California, San Diego.

*Falko Kuester: Filmatic Presenter and Director of the Calit2 Center of GRAVITY (Graphics, Visualization and Imaging Technology) and founding member of Transdisciplinary Imaging Genetics Center (TIGC). He joined the faculity of UCSD in 2006.

* Steve McClosky: Filmatic Artist and recent graduate of the Nanoengineering program at the University of California, San Diego. McClosky is interested in Nanoscale design and computer simulations of Nanosystems in Virtual Reality.

* Patty Rangel (Event Moderator): Filmatic co-curator and a producer specializing in Virtual Reality Content Development, Mixed Reality and Multi-Sensory Systems Integration.

*Jurgen Schulze: Filmatic Program Advisor and Associate Research Scientist at UCSD's Qualcomm Institute, and an Associate Adjunct Professor in the computer science department. His research interests include scientific visualization in virtual environments

* Qualcomm Institute affiliates

Registration is required (ages 21 and up only). Turquoise Cellars is located at 5026 Cass St.

About Suds & Science:

Suds & Science are bimonthly events that bring scientists to your neighborhood bar. Raise a pint and listen to a 15-minute fun-yet-informative presentation on a hot science topic followed by an open and engaging conversation. Ask questions and form opinions while enjoying an adult beverage. Suds & Science puts the fun and spirit(s) back into science.

Original article on Qualcomm Institute site:

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