Disrupting Humanity

Since 2011 Google acquired one company per week, including Boston Dynamics (that makes Defense Robotics for DARPA), as well as DeepMind (the first Artificial Intelligence to pass the Turing test), and over 180 other companies it now calls the "Alphabet".

In 2012 my Singularity University at NASA "Future Studies and Forecasting" track leader /adviser, Ray Kurzweil, is appointed Director of Engineering at Google (heading a team to develop machine intelligence and natural language understanding).

That same year, Google Fiber is founded with the goal to make the web faster and better with a connection that's up to 1,000 megabits per second. Super fast downloads and the new "TV" experience like no other!

In December 2015 Google/Alphabet announced that they teamed up with NASA to buy "DWAVE"- the world's first Quantum Super Computer - for $15 million dollars. This creates a platform for the flow of seamless information spaces with complex security encryption/decryption algorithms and gives the DeepMind Artificial Intelligence (the first to have passed the Turing test), owned by Google, the brain and computing power it needs to become more intelligent than the entire human species. It also provides an infrastructure and the computational power required for the Metaverse and all systems integration "glueware" to make it immersive (i.e. Brain-Computer Interface, Virtual Reality Head-Mounted Displays and/or Contact Lenses, Markerless Motion Capture, Facial Recognition and Tracking, Eye Tracking, Hand and Finger Tracking, Scent, Vibro-Acoustics and NeuroMarketing).

In February 2016, news hits about Google Alphabet passing Apple as "World's Most Valuable Company". At the same time, Google's Think Tank changes its name to Jigsaw and becomes a technology incubator "to protect vulnerable populations and defend against the world's most challenging security threats".

Meanwhile the mysterious and futuristic Google X Lab, started shortly after I left Singularity University in 2011, begins development of the VR/AR contact lenses. The contacts were created by Babak Parviz from the University of Washington, whom I called at the end of 2010 when I just finished doing the world's first Mixed-Reality with life-size Holographic-like/ Augmented Reality Telepresence and Second Life Avatars. I got Babak on the phone right away and asked if I could test the contact lenses because I had a "strong belief I could do the same Mixed-Reality effect on them and in Virtual Reality". He laughed and said: "Sure that would be great, but right now I'm struggling to just keep this lab open. We don't have any money. What you are talking about could 'potentially' be possible, but it will take decades to get there".

Needless to say, the very next year after I made a presentation at Singularity University/NASA Ames about my research, the contact lenses and potential security risks, Babak was hired to join the new Google X team and headed development of Google Glass. He has since left Google after the big "Sergey/Anne scandal", but did leave the contact lenses with Google X.

In and unexpected twist of events at the end of April 2016, news hits about Sonyfiling patents for "Smart Contact Lenses" that can record video in the blink of an eye.

It is not just Google X trying to develop smart contact lenses anymore, yet everyone neglects to mention that these contacts existed as prototypes back in 2009 and were developed by the University of Washington! Also note that the following slides were in my recorded presentation at "The Future of Virtual Reality Conference" in October 2015 at Qualcomm Institute/Calit2.

This was not the first time I had spoken about the VR contacts. Actually, back in April of 2011 I presented at ImTech's "Era of Experience" (also recorded, by TechZulu) and I brought up the contact lenses and everything that is happening right now, with the rise of Artificial Intelligence and what is to become the "soul" of the machine. Needless to say, a VP and R&D Creative from Walt Disney Imagineering responded by calling me the "Dark Knight" and dismissing what I said while the audience laughed along. On a phone call with the ImTech Advisory Board a few months later, this same man told everyone that I could not be taken seriously because I was "unemployed". I had to correct his statement and inform him and the call participants that I had just spent 3 months at NASA Ames and graduated from the Singularity University program in Exponential Technologies.

Flash forward to 2016, have any of you read the Open Letter to the United Nations by the 2045 Initiative? Signed by Ray Kurzweil (Google) and even supported by the Dalai Lama! This letter describes the evolution of the human specie as a memory transfer from a human being into a robotic body (aka "Avatar D"). On the 2045 Initiative website, it clearly defines the timeline and "milestones" to complete this goal by 2045.

If you think about Ray Kurzweil's vision of the Singularity, his support of the 2045 Initiative, his access to Google Alphabet (their Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, DWave Quantum Super Computer and Google X lab with VR contacts), is it possible that the first 2020 milestone could be achieved?

What are the implications of this during our lifetime and this generation?

Does all of this technology have the capacity to build something similar to the matrix?

You would need content to make this possible for Google's hardware, right?

Google funded Magic Leap (VR/AR content developers) at $542 million, and recent news has total funding of Magic Leap soaring close to $1.4 billion!

Why would Google fund them for that much if they weren't planning to do something disruptive with the content and the hardware integration? Perhaps an HMD (head mounted display) at first. Don't have the money to buy a headset and see Magic Leap's content? No problem! Google created "Google Cardboard" so that anyone with $25 dollars (or $4 dollars on ebay) and a phone can have access to an immersive Virtual Reality experience. Fun right? Everyone will want it!

Then the roll-out of the contact lenses happens and you are there, inside the Metaverse powered by the Quantum Super Computer, the cloud, and your wearable and/or implantable tech! As you smile and show off your latest tech gear, tell your friends about how much you spent on the designer version (don't forget that Google Glass had different Diane von Furstenberg color options that even made it to a runway), and stroll around town feeling like you belong to this new world of possibility, don't forget that your contacts and implants can get hacked.

When Critical Mass is achieved, the powers that be can say they have officially disrupted humanity.

Food for thought by a Futurist surfing the Big Wave.

List of mergers and acquisitions by Google: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mergers_and_acquisitions_by_Google

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