Burning Man Winner of Camp of the Day Contest (Entheon Village)

The Green Map & Green Model Tour Earth Guardians expanded the sixth annual LNT theme camp tour and map into an official Green Map, using the Green Map System (GMS). The GMS promotes inclusive participation in sustainable community development around the world, using mapmaking as our medium. Green Maps have been developed for over 300 areas across the world, showcasing locations of green facilities with consistent icons to help residents make decisions regarding their own local community. For Black Rock City’s Green Map, we invited theme camps to participate and be “shown” on the map. Participating camps had to apply to demonstrate that they would go the extra mile and showcase examples of earth and playa friendly ways to camp greener at Burning Man.

The Black Rock City Green Map identified the Green Model Camps (more than 20) and venues for “Green” Educational events. Featured practices in this year’s Model Camp Tour included:

  • Biodiesel Use

  • Carbon Offsets

  • Education / Outreach

  • Energy Conservation

  • Good Neighbor

  • “Green” Building

  • Grey Water Treatment

  • Leave No Trace / Less is More

  • Reuse

  • Solar and Wind Energy

  • Trash Management / Recycling / Composing

  • Environmental Movies

  • Speakers/Lectures/Debates

  • Workshops

  • MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) sweeps

  • Open Discussions

  • Green Model Camps

  • Ways that participants could volunteer during the event.

The guides (on the back of the Green Map) were made available to all participants and posted in large-scale format throughout the City at each Plaza, at the Man Pavilion, and at the Earth Guardians Pavilion.

Camp of the Day Contest This Earth Guardian contest recognizes the best examples of Leave No Trace and Green Camping practices throughout the city. Any registered theme camp can apply, before or during the event. All camps that were included on the Green Map as model camps were automatically entered in the Camp of the Day contest. Model Camps in 2007 included: Amphibia, the Alternative Energy Zone, the BRC Recycle Camp, BYB, ENTHEON VILLAGE, EverWOW, False Profit, Free Style Palace, Green Society Village, HeeBeeGeeBee Healers, Hoodville, Hot Monkey Sox, Nose Fish, Radio Free Vahalla, 7 Sins Lounge, Silicon Village, Soulicious, Sushi Love Cake, Sustainabilaville, and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot- Tall Grass.

Earth Guardian gurus visited camps throughout the event to view them in action and also evaluated camps based on their documentation of practices and post-event cleanup reports. Each camp is judged on their pre-camp application and LNT/Green camp plans, on site implementation of the green practices, performance on the MOOP map and post-playa documentation available for sharing with other camps. We had many outstanding camps with simple and ingenious features this year. Each winning camp earned two tickets to Burning Man 2008 and special recognition in the Earth Guardian web pages. The 2007 Camp of the Day winners are: ENTHEON VILLAGE, Sustainabilaville, Soulicious. AEZ Village, and Amphibia. Honorable mention goes to Snow Koan Solar, Carbon Dioxide, NoseFish, Hoodville and Ashram Galactica.

Other Activities and Operations at Burning Man Burn Platform Patrols Once again, our Toxic Avengers volunteers patrolled the burn platforms on Sunday. Armed with five golf carts and extra radios, we did our best to prevent participants from burning banned items or overloading the platforms. Once again, this task was much bigger than 5 golf carts, 1 pickup, 1 chainsaw, and 10–15 people could manage to control. For 2007 the signage was not as clear as in 2007 about what could be burned: clean wood and paper. However, most importantly, the messaging about burning less and burning responsibly seems to be reaching people. The improved wood recycling certainly helped!

The Water Works project In front of the Earth Guardian pavilion, the “H2OK Corral” intrigued visitors with two wind-powered grey water evaporators spinning in the breeze. The evaporators disposed of over fifty gallons of grey water and hopefully provoked visitors to consider designing and building their own. A list of Frequently Asked Questions informed visitors of the dos and don’ts for disposing of used water on the playa.

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